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Cycling Statistics, statistics on performances of (recently) active cyclists, developments in procycling, trends in startlists and results of professional races.

Cycling Statistics is a Twitter handle of Daniël Herbers. From Maastricht he speculates and discusses on performances of cyclists, developments in cycling and analyses in cycling-podcasts together with his fellow-cycinglovers Jesper, Sander and Sjef. With Cycling Statitics, great perfomances and interesting facts and figures in male procycling are published. Daniël likes to run and bike, lives in Maastricht with his wive and three children, loves statistics, country-flags and podcasts. He works at Statistics Netherlands.

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Cycling Statistics is an initiative by Daniël Herbers. From Maastricht (Netherlands) he talks and speculates about performances and developments in cycling with fellow cycling-addicts Jesper, Sjef and Sander. Cycling Statistics (@statsoncycling) aims to share and highlight unique performances and provide useful insights in male pro-cycling. Daniël is a runner and biker, lives with his wife and three children in Maastricht and is employed at Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek).

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